2 Seater Polaris

2 Seater Polaris


Collect the best off-road experience

Do you have any plans to unlock the adventure? If so, look no further than the Dejavu Adventure. The performance of the 2-seater Polaris is mesmerizing. The superb performance of the machine helps the riders to collect the best experience. Our well-maintained machines will help you to taste the perfect adventure. Immense in fun, excitement and adventure. Get ready for a class-leading performance. The driver will experience the true horsepower while handling the steering wheel. At Aed 800 (1 hour) and Aed 450 (30 minutes), we offer the best package to the adventure seekers. Deja vu Adventure will bring you unlimited fun.

Aed 800 ( 1 hour )
Aed 450 ( 30 minutes )