Single seater Polaris

Single seater Polaris


Looking for a point where power and excitement meet each other?

The single-seater polaris can be booked for a very affordable price. In the new center-cockpit design, the driver will get superior visibility. This vehicle can run on all types of challenging terrains. At just Aed 750 (1 hour) and Aed 425 (30 minutes), you can experience fun. This vehicle is perfectly positioned to deliver performance-ergonomics. If you are searching for a high-energy driving experience, then just proceed forward. Collect the most exhilarating and adrenaline-filled experience at a very affordable price. Feel free to contact us and collect a memorable experience. Deja vu Adventure is committed to fill your heart with excitement.

Aed 750 ( 1 hour )
Aed 425 ( 30 minutes )