Polaris Buggy in Dubai


Polaris Buggy

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When it comes to powerful side x side vehicles in the world, Polaris is a world leader. Polaris offers a wide range of one, two and four-seater buggies that are built to deliver an unstoppable performance in the desert. As compared to other brands, Polaris buggies are smaller in size which ensures greater mobility. Being smaller in size doesn’t mean they are the least powerful. The manufacturers have ensured amazingly higher horsepower in the Polaris buggy which is another benefit. They are around 2 meters in size yet offer great comfort to their riders. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that comfort is what makes the Polaris buggies more popular than other buggies. If you are planning to ride on challenging terrain, you need to get behind the wheels of the Polaris buggy. The buggy is designed to come across speedily over bumps and potholes without losing its balance and therefore ensuring the safety of its riders. The Polaris is an expensive brand of the buggy and is mostly available at exclusive places. Luckily, at Deja vu Adventures, we have managed to include Polaris buggies in our fleet as well to ensure that our clients get world-class vehicles to enjoy their ride in the vast desert. 

One of the most exciting parts of the Polaris buggy is that it is highly safer than other buggies which means even if you have no prior experience of riding a buggy, you can ride this one without a worry. Moreover, our instructors are also present on the ground to direct you about the guidelines for riding a buggy in the desert. So are you ready to hit your buggy in the desert? To book the Polaris buggy for a special ride in the desert, connect with our team now!